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"Mommy needs a minute" Box

"Mommy needs a minute" Box


As a full-time working mom, there are times where a quite 15 minute phone call can cost me $10,000's if there are screaming kids in the background. Four kids screaming through a negotiation isn't an option. Thus, I created the "mommy needs a minute box." 

It's this easy, it will take you either one amazon order or one trip to Michaels to get your box started. After you have the box done, it's as simple as swinging by the dollar section at target or the dollar store. Grab about $10 of dollar crafts, slim, toys, quick travel craft packs, whatever. In my closet (hidden from the kids) I keep a "motherload" of things I get in the dollar section. I use one or two of these items to refill my MNAM box and sometimes I use it when the kids have playdates to keep everyone happy, or as a reward. When your child is done playing with the "MNAM" box, replenish your staples and put one or two items from the motherload into the MNAM Box. The key to the MNAM Box, you can't use it every day, or it will become boring. It should be like a present each time, never put the same stuff inside.I guarantee, every time your child gets this box, they will be so excited to see what's new, they will give you a much needed minute.

Here you list of things to purchase (taylor to fit your children age)

1 x      12x12 Project Case

1 x      Pack of crayons, washable color markers, construction paper

1 x      $1 workbook, usually found at target in the dollar section around beginning of school/summer.


Key takeaway:

1. Make a MNAM Box for each of your kids, stock them with craft paper, washable crayons & markets, sticker book, one $1 item, workbook/ coloring book.

2. Keep it for very special moments, only when.. Mommy Needs A Minute! 

3. When the kids are done, restock and hide. 

Don't worry, we got this :) 


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