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DIY: How to make a Princess Halo

DIY: How to make a Princess Halo

The girls and I joined my sister Sarah ( Auntie Sah) in San Francisco today to see the San Francisco Symphony play the scores to The Little Mermaid. To say this was an incredible experiences is an understatement, not sure how I will ever watch a disney movie again with out them. Prior to the day, I wanted to do something extra special, something the girls would rememberer for a lifetime. After googling for a " mermaid halo" and coming up with very little, I ventured to Michaels and took matters into my own hands. (I went with a rainbow tulle theme with these, specifically because my girls love rainbows, but you can do any color that ignites your soul.) 

How to make a Princess Halo 

(printable guide here)

Step 1:  Measure the circumference of the head you are making the halo for. I used a ribbon, but any string will do. Lay the string out next to two wire to measure. Then twist the wire together to form a circle. (test the halo to make sure its a perfect fit before going on to step 2). 

Step 2: Take out flowers (real or synthetic) and start laying out the ones you want to include in your halo. Cut them to fit, then remove the flower heads (if synthetic). Take the flower tape and start tightly wrapping the stems of each flower. Once the stems are wrapped, continue around the wire until its complete wrapped in tape. 

Step 3: Take any ribbon and wrap the halo tightly. Tight the ribbon at then end and cut it to the desired length of the tulle (we will be doing next). If you don't want to use tulle, cut the ribbon and super glue to finish. 

Step 4: Prep your tulle (I used 6" X 20 Yrd Tulle) Using a ribbon or string, measure how long you would like the tulle to be. Double that measurement ( I used 24" and doubled to 48"). Lay your ribbon or string on a table and put a piece of blue tape at each end. Roll each color of tulle out and cut equally down the middle. Set aside. (I did rainbow colors) 

Step 5: Fold each ribbon in half and loop around the halo. There should be two ribbons for every color. Do as much or as little as you would like. ** If you are using the glitter tulle, be prepared to have glitter all over the place :) Try to do all the prep in the same area, then vacuum when your done, it should clean right up, especially if you use the suggested material.***** 

Step 6: Now do the same thing with silk ribbon, in similar colors. Measure out the ribbon to 48" and fold in half. Look between colors. 

Step 7: Crown your princess!!!! 

What you will need (Michaels)


- Wire Stems

- Floral Stems  

- 6" x 20yd Tulle

- Ribbon  

- Floral Tape

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