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DIY: Grapevine Nest Chargers

DIY: Grapevine Nest Chargers


The idea of grapevine nest chargers came to me over a struggle for the perfect Easter table complement. After scrapping the internet for these and coming up short, I decided to make them myself. When I started this DIY I used grapevines from the vineyard to make these and realized y'all probably don't have vineyards in your back yards. So thank God for Michaels! This DIY is super easy and you don't have to worry about finding vineyard clippings. Honestly, making them from scratch was a real pain the rear so I highly suggest doing it the Michaels way. 

The simple Michaels Way.... 

Get 6 x  14" Grapevine Wreaths from Michaels by Ashland. We are going to make each charger 12"-13" because most standard plates are 10". If your plates are larger than that, just size up. 



Start by removing the grapevine that is wrapped around the wreath and separate all the pieces. Some of them will be one whole vine, try to keep these together.


Once you have separated the vines into two separate pieces, start to rewrap the pieces with the original vines or using black floral wire. Measure each one and make sure they are roughly 13" in diameter. 


Another thing to consider, try doing this on a work table outside. It was super bright so I did this inside for photo quality. Once these are done, keep them in a box to use for Easter, fall, anytime you want to bring the beauty and traditions of vineyard harvest to your table. 


How to makes these with real vineyard clippings 


Around winter, after harvest, when the vines have gone dormant for the season, most vineyards get pruned for spring. This create a bounty of vines to make all sorts of beautiful things for your home. If you come to Napa Valley, you will see heaps of these on the side of every vineyard, grab a couple bundles and bring them home. 

At home, using a large bin or bucket, soak the vines in warm water for about an hour. Outside, lay about 14" of vine out and slowly start bending and twisting them together making a 14" in diameter wreath. You can use black floral wire or twine to secure the wreathes. 

soaking grapevines

Either way, once your are done, get creative with your table, they make the perfect little touch for any table! Please share your experiences with these below! 

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