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DIY: Cotton Bulb Napkin Rings

DIY: Cotton Bulb Napkin Rings


As I am getting read for all things fall, I was searching for something rustic, chic and stylish for my tabletop. While sifting through the floral section at Michaels, I stumbled across these natural cotton bulks and thought they would be perfect for the whole fall season (and into winter). 

What you will need: (Michaels)

2 x Cotton Filler Stems  

1 x Black Floral Tape  

1 x Gold Aluminum Wire 

1 x 30yds of Twine



Step 1: Making the metal ring. Using metal cutters, cut 8" metal wire X 8.  (I did 8 but do as many as you would like) Leaving one inch on both sides, loop the wire to make a circle with roughly 2 inches to put the napkin through. 


Step two: Cut two pieces of Cotton from your cotton filler. Try to leave 1/2 inch of the stem. Now, loop each pieces around the extra wire to connect them. Using the black floral tape, securely wrap the entire loop and stems. I love using floral tape because its very easy to use, slightly sticky and thickens up the wire. 


Step Three: After you wrapped the wire tightly, cut roughly 5 feet of twine. Anchor the twine in the middle of the two cotton bulbs, pull tight and start tightly wrapping around floral tape. Go all the way around, checking both sides to ensure you don't see any of the tape. When it's complete, loop one knot, then cut leaving about 5" of twine left. Separate the twine and tie two times making a secure knot and cut leaving no ends. (Sometimes I super glue these ends.) 


Enjoy!! I used these on my first fall table of the season, Thanksgiving and in the winter. Always the perfect organic touch to my traditional family dinner table. 


VIDEO: How to make Cotton Bulb Napkin Rings

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