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The Most Meaningful and Memorable Back to School Traditions for the Whole Year

The Most Meaningful and Memorable Back to School Traditions for the Whole Year

Back to school traditions your children will never forget and you can use throughout out the year! Pick a couple and try them out. Since y'all know I love tradition, these should come as no surprise. I hope you enjoy it,  these are the genuine things we do in our home. 

Mommy & Me Necklace: On the morning of the first day of school, I like to give my girls something special they can use to remind them of how much I love them. I found these adorable necklaces that are perfect for their size and wont get in the way during the day. I have seen braclets but knowing my girls, it would get in the way of their daily focus at school. 

For My Son: I gave him a keychain that I linked on his backpack the night before school started. Then when we got ready to leave, I showed him that I had the same one on my key ring. ( try to find something that is meaningful to him, my son loves farming and tractors, like his dad, so I bought these with his initial on both.)


Back to school shopping: I know it's  much easier to shop alone, or order everything from Amazon, but if you'r like me and you remember the joy and excitement of picking out your things for back to school, you will want to share this with your kids. In order to create a smooth and almost special day, I highly suggest taking one child at a time, grab their list and let them check off all the things they need. With each item, they will invasion the first day and opening up their pencil box to enjoy everything. It's a great way to provide positive things for the kids to look forward to when they get the back to school scaries! And you get much needed one on one time with your kids. Since my kids are in Catholic school, they don't get to shop for new clothes, but I let them pick out all new pajamas and obviously an awesome new back pack! 


Back-to-School Eve Basket - When the kids and I go back to school shopping I let them pick out a few extra things like pajamas, lunch boxes, back packs, contigo cups and more. The day before school starts they wake up to their back pack filled with books, a couple toys, all the things they picked out and new clothes. My kids always look forward to this and it gets them excited about using all their new things the next day!


First day of school Interview: At the begging and end of each year have your children do a questionnaire. I love the printed kind, so I can add them to their school year keep sake binders (see below). Try an editable print version or a reusable custom Made chalk board. Make sure you take a picture of each child with their interview or a First/last day of school picture.



School Binder

DIY binder featuring each grade, growth and pictures! 

This is super easy! Either laminate or use clear plastic to save your kids first and last day of school pictures and questionnaires! When they graduate college, they can look back on how much they have grown. Get printables here

Sidewalk Chalk:  The night before Back to School, decorate your path to the car with encouraging messages for each of your kids. Make sure you include their names to make it is extra special for each one. If you want to step it up, you can put balloons around the house with the school colors!

The Kissing Hand: I love this tradition. This book was given to my son by his Kindergarten teacher and has forever changed the way we go to sleep on Back-to-school eve! (Thank you Mrs. Ingraham!!) The night before the first day of school, read The Kissing Hand. Then in the morning at drop off, when your giving your kids their kisses and cuddles, open their hand and kiss the center of their palm and say " With the kissing hand we will never be apart. Just press your hand upon your cheek and feel my loving glow, I love you, wherever you may go." I tell my kids whenever they get scared or miss me, to put their palm on their heart and know I am right there.  (sometimes my Husband or Dad will read this to the kids before they travel long distance.) Always calms worried little minds. 

The Love Note Treasure Hunt: So this traditions lasts all year for me. I love to hide little treasures and love notes in the kids backpack and lunch. Because morning are really hectic, I do these the night before ( especially because bedtime is when we take time to talk to the kids for 15 minutes independently to see how they are doing and if there is anything bothering them.) The letter is usually a little token of encouragement. For my littles who don't read, I like to add a picture of us, a drawing or a little sticker with hearts and the words " I love you so much, Mom" - by the end of the year, I guarantee you child will know how to read that :)


Sharpie Heart: If your child is like my oldest son, the occasional love note is ok but can sometimes be distracting. At back to school night bring a sharpie and put one heart on all your kids name tags. Then when you get home, of course tell them how proud of them you are and then tell them you left something very special on their desk. And any time they miss you, all they have to do is rub it and I will know and send you love. 


Teachers Gift: This is a must. No problem with go for the obligatory apple (I love that tradition) but if you want to make the effort, fill a basket with all the things you would need to deal with 28 kids for 7 hours a day for 118 days a year. I am sure you can get pretty creative, here in Napa Valley, our teachers get a lot of wine! 


I hope you have enjoyed this little list of special things we do here in our house! I know every school is different and the first day isn't always the same. But you can use these anytime. Just remember to love your kids and always remind them of how proud you are of them, and they will do just fine! At the end of the day, all they really want is your love and attention. End the day chatting in their bed about their day and continue to encourage them for the day to come. 

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