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Fall Harvest Pumpkin Decor

Fall Harvest Pumpkin Decor


For fall I used lanterns from my summer table and fall leafs for the table. For the runner I used a large burlap fabric but scrunched it up to make a multi demential feel. These amazing gingham chargers are from Michaels, I absolutely love them! 

Here is a link to the items on this table: Gingham Chargers,  Mustard Plaid Napkins,  Black Gingham napkins,  Cotton ball Napkin Rings,  Maple Leaves,  Grape vine chargers,  Plaid Pillow cases. 


I loved using these mason jars and grape vine chargers to add a little of the outdoors to the table. If you check my DIY blog page you will can learn to make these at home. 


This year I wanted to use more pumpkins in my decor but didn't want to use real ones. Living in Napa Valley is so beautiful, and harvest brings in more than a bounty of grapes for wine making, it also brings nats. (little bugs that land in my wine and drive me crazy). The pumpkins I used over the years are usually real and trend to attract nats - which I cant have. Michaels has an amazing selection of pumpkins of all different sizes, some of which you can use for table tops and outdoors. 


I threw a couple of my favorite over sized scarves around the house to warm it up with neutral land fall tones. Here are a couple I love: Tartan Print,  Brown Tartan - this is one of the most photographed scarfs for bloggers, Dark plaid.  


I found these super cute glitter and burlap pumpkins at the dollar store. They sell out of fall stuff really quickly so go today before they are gone! 

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