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A Book of Memories for Your Children

A Book of Memories for Your Children


I started this tradition the minute we found out we were pregnant with our first child, not knowing at that time these would become one of my home treasured traditions. I wrote in his journal atleast once a month, explaining to him all the things my husband and I were doing to prepare for him, what pregnancy cravings I was having, how tired or excited I was, how big we were getting! 

My favorite entry in all the kids journals is the day they were born. I packed their journal in my hospital bag and wrote within a few hours of each on of their births. Honestly, I am glad I did this because I forget so much of the real details that this helps me remember. 


After each baby was born, I wrote as often as I could. I keep their books by my bed and would write in them when the kids started doing anything special, eating, laughing, talking, crawling, walking. I also write about what is happening in our family as a whole, when we moved or started new jobs. Don't worry about your handwriting or mistakes, just try to write in it as much as you can... trust me, after four kids it can become a very easy thing to procrastinate with, and before you know it, years have gone by!


Obviously over the years it got harder and harder for me to write ever couple of weeks or even months. So here are the days of the year I write:

Christmas Eve: For this post I focus on what the kids are grateful for and what they asked for for christmas. 

Birthdays: Just a great way to share all the amazing things the kids have done for that year and what their expectations are for the next year. Always funny to go back and read.

First and Last Day of school: I like to put their stats in these posts (how tall they are, how much they weigh, what they like to eat, do and read. ext...) For the end of the year I like to reflect on their accomplishments and summer plans. 

Quick Inserts when they do amazing things (which is all the time) - I would rather write a little something than risk forgetting it!

If you already have kids, it is NEVER too late to start this amazing and memorable tradition. I plan on giving mine to my kids when they become parents or are in a place in their adult lives that this becomes meaningful. 


You can use any journal that speaks to you, these are the ones I picked and I really love. Try to find one with a hard cover as you will most likely get coffee (or wine in my case) on these over the years. Here is a link to the Quotable Journals.  Check at the bottom of Amazon to see all the different quotes.)

Hope you enjoy this fun and so memorable tradition as much as I have and hopefully my kids will some day. 





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